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iconWendy puts her earlier research on transitional Regency stays into practice and reproduces a set of stays for herself, walking us through the fitting stages.

1903 Savoye patent corsetAlison checks the fit of the pattern created in Part 1, researches and tests patterns and numbers of bones, and creates the final corset.

Branding for Corsetmakers: Part 2: Communicating Your BrandCommunicating your brand: more on getting your message across, for corsetmakers who want to earn their own money from their work.


Latex Corset Dress

If it stretches, zigzag sew it, or in this case, glue it! In talking us through a corset dress, there's more here on using latex from Mark Garbarczyk.

Savoye 1904 Corset, patent 786,685Joanne tackles this elegant and drastically simple Edwardian corset patent, a pattern with only three panels!

icon free smSupporting large busts (say, above a D cup) can be tricky. Isabelle shares her guidelines for giving shapely support to larger cups.

1882 Strauss patentAndrea makes a second mockup in her size, and shows how spiral boning and plastic boning behave in this complex corset design.

Figure 1: Your brand is your mark. The certain something that makes your work recognisably yours.Your brand is your mark, something that makes your work recognisably yours. At its best, your work should subtly convey your mark with concision and clarity. 

icon free smWendy analyzes over 80 stays from 1790-1829 for fiber, colour, weave, length, opening placement, shoulder treatment, bust shaping, boning or cording.

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