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Hearts Corset Patent, 1906Jenni shows off her final Hearts corset and draws some conclusions. She includes some details on fitting and adapting corsets for asymmetrical bodies.

How to make a bullet braSilhouette is important for vintage as well as historical clothing: make an authentic pointy bra that Jane Russell or Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of.

Charlotte RaineProfessional corsetmaker Charlotte Raine tells us how she got started, how her business works and about working with the Jane Austen Centre.

Corset Patent # 79647, L.H. Foy, 1868

Carly recreates an 1868 corset patent for her own unique body type, using Laura Loft's Silverado corset instructions. 1: drafting and first mock-up.

silverado2-icon Last week, Laura covered the horizontal adjustments to the Silverado pattern. This week she completes the adjustments by covering the vertical dimensions.

silverado2-iconLaura takes us step by step through altering the Silverado corset pattern to fit the required dimensions.

icon free smThe S-Bend is probably the most misunderstood and under-studied corset fashion in history. Marion separates the myths from the reality.  

A lady in a  pair of stays, Le CorsetThree awesome questions & solutions: fitting 1770's stays for curvy figures, changing overbust corsets to underbusts, and corsets for apple shape figures.

Piece of the Silverado patternUsing the Silverado corset pattern as an example, Laura Loft shows exactly how to alter a commercial pattern to fit like a professional one.

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