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Striped corset by Laurie TavanStripes create an unusual visual interest in your corsetry. Here's how to match stripes perfectly by a simple technique of visualizing pattern matching choices before stitching up the project.

1880's Summer Corset

Joanne Arnett is sewing her way through every corset pattern in Norah Waugh's book, Corsets and Crinolines. Making corsets, she says, is like building bridges on the body.

icon free smCorsetmaking presents no one-size-fits-all solutions. Jenni conducts a unique experiment to compare the effects of four different types of steel in her bespoke corsets.

Corded corsetYes, this corset is a labour of love. Yes, doing all that cording takes ages. Was it worth it? YES! This is a lovely corset, comfortable and fun and easy to wear and it looks so unusual and smart.

Repro corset on JemaJema takes the pattern she made from an antique here and recreates it step by step, including a lapped seam technique for one layer corsets that neatly encases all raw edges on both sides.

611116_icon2Last month we drafted the pattern for this unusual design. This month, the step by step construction process, including how to sew some very tricky seams! Suitable for beginners.

Letters jan2010 iconIn Letters, Questions and Advice this month: Laura sends in a great lighting suggestion, Rachelle asks about 1840's corset resources, and Hanna wonders how to make a 1950's style bra for her new dress.

Dunns_June1908_1We glance briefly this month at the historic makers of Bon Ton, Royal Worcester and Adjusto models: patents, corsets and where you can learn more about the company.

Petti3 icon-smSunny discusses the different factors that combine to create the shape of the skirt, and the petticoats that support it. Patterns of the six petticoats are included this month.

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