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squarepicThis gorgeous black and yellow Symington corset is a real show-stopper. Here, Michelle walks us through its construction, step by step. 

squarepicIn more detail than ever: pattern study, materials, cutting and fusing to reproduce this gorgeous Symington show-stopper.

2017 9 thumbnail

squarepicFinishing a reproduction 1909 corset, with lapped seam tutorial video (they're not as tricky as they seem) and inspiration to tackle UFOs!  

2017 8 thumbnail

squarepicNursing a baby does not mean corset-wearing has to be put on hold. Lucy shows us how to create a modern corset for breastfeeding. 

2017 7 thumbnail

iconNEW: The patterns are becoming more tricky now... or are they? This week we try a couple of ideas that look complex... but aren't hard.

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