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icon free smWe look in detail at a rare antique shop find - a real, plus size Victorian corset with a 38" waist - and then we give you the pattern.

Petti1 icon-smSunny looks at six late Victorian and Edwardian petticoats, studying the methods used to produce the beautiful embellishments.

Letters nov2009 iconThis month Suzannah asks about corset mannequins, Laurie inquires about the different site look and Natalie wonders how adaptable the corset drafting tutorial could be.

friedman7A Cutter/Draper at the New York City Ballet as well as being a professional corsetiere, we asked Angela both about the finer points of her corsetmaking technique and about being in business.

icon free sm

How to make your own personalised custom corset pattern, based on corset designs of the late 1870s... this might just be the best corset pattern you'll ever use.

Letters oct2009 iconThis month we have two questions - one on copyright-free patterns for corsets made for retail and one on proper length of bones.

Beautiful corset by Alexis Black at Electra Designs, photo by Stuntkid

Before you give your boss and your spouse the big speech, take the quiz to find out if you are ready to make your hobby into a living as a corsetmaker!

Emerald Edwardian by Dragontown CorsetsBrooke, of Dragontown Corsets, has over 10 years of experience in corsetry. A consummate professional who believes in apprenticeship, she was only too happy to spill the beans...

icon free smPart 2 of the revolutionary 2009 tutorial that enables a unique, beautifully fitting corset from ANY pattern - antique or new.

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