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Dunns_June1908_1We glance briefly this month at the historic makers of Bon Ton, Royal Worcester and Adjusto models: patents, corsets and where you can learn more about the company.

Petti3 icon-smSunny discusses the different factors that combine to create the shape of the skirt, and the petticoats that support it. Patterns of the six petticoats are included this month.

icon free sm Professional corsetmaker Alexis Black shows you how to lay out and pattern match a corset made from asymmetrical printed fabric, with stunning results.

Letters dec2009 iconThere are two questions this month. One on patterning/fitting a corset for a figure where the waist is almost as big as the hips. The other is on horizontal boning channels in 18th century corsets.

Sneak peak at the historical corset we feature next monthHistorical fashion magazine corset ads say over and over again: "Available in white or drab coutil, or fast black sateen". But what colour is "drab" exactly? And how can you make it cheaply?

Edwardian corset by Harman Hay, 2009How do you know that your client will pay? How do you know that they won't ruin and try to return what you've made them? The answer to most concerns is a good contract. Are you protecting yourself?

Petti2 icon-smSunny talks about embroidered insertion, lace edging and embroidery. Next month will be the construction of the six petticoats.

Patent 611116, 1898Here's more about Thomson's Patent 611,116 Glove Fitting Corset pattern and its maker, along with my method of patterning this corset from scratch.

icon free smWe look in detail at a rare antique shop find - a real, plus size Victorian corset with a 38" waist - and then we give you the pattern.

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