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icon free smJennifer constructs a 1920's Envelope Chemise - foundation garment for those stunning 'Flapper dresses' - in a way that is fun and practical.

iconMarion studies some extant pieces for construction ideas and then gives a simple pattern draft for "tap pants" or "French knickers".

icon free smMany makers find inserting gores and gussets tricky. Two easy step-by-step techniques that will insert them neatly, producing a nice crisp V shape at the bottom.

icon smDrafting the back of a beautiful S-bend corset pattern from the Edwardian era, called "Louis XV corset in nine pieces".

icon free sm

Joanne shows how to use old patterns to make beautiful garments that are just not possible with today's mass market sewing patterns.

icon free smMark shows you how to adapt the basic "darted cup" bra pattern into three further styles, including a strapless bra shape.

icon free sm Laura tackles the single most pressing frustration that FR readers tell us they face: just how do you fit a corset properly?

icon free smMay guides us through the process of making a corset pattern into a u-plunge corset dress, including fittings and finishings.

icon free smThe home sewer's approach to leather corsetmaking, one part professional technique, one part broke college student ingenuity.

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