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icon free smLatex corsets are a contradiction: stretchy, not firm; glued, not sewn. Sannie Kralt shows you how to make one for yourself.

thumb 21 1872 corset smLuca has caused a sensation with his thoughts on synthetic whalebone, so we've invited him back to tell us more about his work.

icon smWhat if a Victorian corsetière had today’s tools and materials? Laurie answers by walking us through a beautiful corset.

icon smA close up look at the construction and details of an absolutely classic pair of mid eighteenth century stays - including the pattern.

1760's StaysIzabela gives us a simple, yet accurate construction guide for the non-expert that offers maximum fitting opportunities.

icon smLittle things make all the difference. Sara shows us five tricks that are often overlooked, but can make a big impact in our work!

icon smNikki discusses the history of ventilated corsets, and then dives right into a Symington example and shows us how it was made.

icon smMarta sets out to compare multiple layered and stitched, steel boned 'modern' construction to the 'old' methods.

icon smWorking with electronics as embellishment is a lot of fun; the possibilities are almost endless. Nathalie shows us how she uses it in corsetry.

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