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squarepicThis stunning corset patent, registered by C.W. Higby in 1883, gets a thorough investigation and step-by-step recreation by Kat.

squarepicAfter exploring some simple grading concepts, Caroline shows us how to grade even more complicated corset shapes. 

squarepicWhether you're looking for historical accuracy or an attention-grabbing piece of lingerie, Emilie's patterns offer many design options.

squarepicGrading is the process of adjusting a pattern by fixed amounts to fit a variety of standard sizes. Caroline shows us how!

squarepicDo strapless bras get you down? Michelle shows the construction of a longline bra that works perfectly under modern and vintage clothes. 

bust improverA straightforward step-by-step project to help you draft and create your own bosom-flattening 1920s brassiere according to your measures.

edwardian giant hats 1900s 10s 4

Just getting started, or looking to go pro? Here are the key resources in our library to suit YOUR stage on the Millinery journey.

patterncutcrop Laura introduces five exciting and innovative pattern cutting techniques for you to design and build really creative garments. 

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Just getting started? Want to do things "right"? These are the articles to help you begin YOUR sewing  journey.

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