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patreon1Looking for another way to make money from your art and craft? Caroline explains the different ways creative people are using Patreon. 

SquarepicEdward shares his construction process for recreating this original Edwardian corset in a single layer of silk brocade.

SquarepicMaking a  toile to test the pattern for a double front lacing Belle Époque silk corset, and checking the fit with a "cheat's" toile lacing panel!


Edward shows us an easy way to trace the pattern from a stunning antique corset, in the first article on this unusual Edwardian recreation.

iconHow Emiah Couture achieves that heavily encrusted effect, and what Alycia has learned about how to bead her work as efficiently as possible...

squarepic Lucy shows us the next step, digitising and drafting  your own designs using the purpose made Wild Ginger Pattern Editor.

squarepicIntrigued by digital pattern creation? In the first part of this series, Lucy shows how to get started with Wild Ginger's "Pattern Master" software.

SquarepicRemember those magical Hypercolor t-shirts? Here's how to harness that tech and create corsets whose colour reacts with the body. 

squarepicGores aren't just for the super-curvy figure. Here's how to create a corset with stand-out gores in an otherwise ultra-simple design.

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