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toilefront no strap   stays draftThere's a simpler method to pattern stays. Michelle uses the original tailor's diagram and Luca's explanation from Patterns of Fashion 5.

squarepicHow far apart should eyelets be spaced? Ruth takes us into historical and modern corsetry to see how eyelet spacing has changed.

sqarepicIn Part 2 of this series, Nikki shows us how to construct the 18th century jumps from the Leicestershire archive

sqarepic Nikki examines some super beautiful garments worn as an alternative to the far more rigid 18th century stays, prior to doing her own recreation!

8   vector redsignHackerspaces are popping up all over the world, enabling even the home sewer to try otherwise expensive projects - like laser cutting!

Image 1   Material ComparisonWant to go beyond fabric? Lina introduces us to some of the most exciting new materials you can experiment with at home.

squarepicHave you ever wanted to attempt a corset with a dramatic hem? Mina walks us through the process for binding a wild hem beautifully.

patreon1Looking for another way to make money from your art and craft? Caroline explains the different ways creative people are using Patreon. 

SquarepicEdward shares his construction process for recreating this original Edwardian corset in a single layer of silk brocade.

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