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icon free smHow much should a corsetmaker charge, without either selling yourself short or discouraging potential clients? What's a truly fair price?

Patent 611116, 1898Thomson's Glove fitting corset: we look at an 1898 Thomson patent, advertisements, a few extant corsets and work on putting the pieces together to recreate it.

icon free smStep by step to creating simple and complex flossing designs: different threads to use, the right needles, basic stitches and making your own decorative, yet functional, flossing designs.

CB_corset_iconThe pattern and a step-by-step guide to make this elegant corset from 1899-1900, including a new seam technique just for corsetry that negotiates curves perfectly and encases all the raw edges neatly.

Patterning museum corsetsJill Salen, author of Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques, shares her technique for making corset patterns from the original antique corsets that you can find in museums.

icon free smBinding stays and corsets is frustrating... isn't it? Find out how to perfect your stays and corsets with our indispensible guide!

This is the video series we've used most recently to attract new Stitchlings. It showcases Luca, Barbara and Lowana's special expertise, and contains some of the basic principles behind what we do and why at Foundations Revealed. For about two weeks, about twice a year, it becomes public, but otherwise it's here for you to use as a Member. Enjoy!

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