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The Foundations Revealed Contest 2020 is now over

The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April 2020. We've left this page up to give you an indication of how the Competition works in the meantime.

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Mythologies and legends of rebirth and restoration abound across the world. From the phoenix rising from the ashes to the Goddess Flora heralding Spring, delve into the patterns, textures and stories of traditional sagas. The circular economy shows us a life cycle: rebirth of worn out things, given new life and purpose.

FR Contest 2020: Mood board "Renewal"

Our Members chose this year's theme from three possibilities that all reflect sustainability, recycling and upcycling. How can we textile artists be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, when it comes to waste and toxic practices? We encourage you to look at this theme in addition to Renewal as an extra source of ideas to incorporate into your entry this year. Natural dyes, recycled plastics, utilising fabric scraps - everyone can do something to be a creative part of the solution! Additional mood board: "Upcycling and Sustainability"




FR Contest 2020: The Complete Guide and Official Rules





1st place in each skill category

$200 gift certificate for the online store of your choice
A year's free subscription to our sites
Specially designed 'Winner' icon to use on your website or social media profile

2nd place in each skill category

$100 gift certificate for the online store of your choice
6 months' free subscription to our sites
Specially designed '2nd place' icon to use on your website or social media profile

3rd place in each skill category

3 months' free subscription to our sites
Specially designed ‘3rd place’ icon to use on your website or social media profile.





What people are saying about entering the Contest

For anyone on the fence next year, I would say that simply making the time for yourself to make something for the contest is an act of self-care... no matter the result, that's always a worthwhile thing.

Maeri Certo, entrant in 2018, 2019 and 2020


It has been a challenging learning experience and a great opportunity to think outside the box and grow as a maker... Go go go!

Cristiane Tano, 2018 winner


It's been an amazing journey, with friends along the way... This feels much more like joining an exhibition than competing. Go for it!

Jalea Ward, 2018 winner


It has been exhilarating to enter the competition and work on my entry. I would like everyone who is on the fence about entering to be bold.
To allow themselves to create, without censoring their creative brain. To be brave and share their work.

Marloes Dadswell, 2nd place in 2020


Do it! It's fabulous!

Catherine Sutton, 3rd place in 2020





 Share your pictures and connect with other entrants:






What is the deadline for entries for this contest?
Foundations Revealed
Hello Rachel,

The deadline for submission of entries is Mon February 3th, 2020, 5pm London. A list of dates can be found on the last page of the competition rules pdf download.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could enter the contest or if it was just for members?
Im not a member yet, but think this sounds neat!
Thanks ^_^

Foundations Revealed
Hello Emily,

You do not need to be a member to participate in the competition.


Will there be another competition this year?
Foundations Revealed

Yes there will be another competition. The theme will be chosen after the winners for this year's competition are announced.


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