Brand new: free Competition Workshop

"The Natural World"



Most makers don't know how to plan and execute a big, exciting creative project - like a Competition entry - without ending up in a tearful last minute scramble.


Many end up scaling back their original design and doing "all the work while crying" through the final nights before the deadline.


But it doesn't have to be that way....


Professional costumers and dressmakers MUST always be on time for opening night, or the wedding day.


We want to set you up for success with the same planning expertise and confidence as the pros, so that THIS time you can get to the Competition deadline on time, relaxed, and super proud of your stunning entry.


You'll walk away with:

  •  A design that's exciting, but not too ambitious
  • A plan that paces you so that you progress smoothly from idea to finished masterpiece WITHOUT sewing and crying at 3am when the deadline looms
  • Insider knowledge of what makes a great entry stand out from the crowd so that your entry grabs the judges' and voters' attention

Between now and the Competition deadline on Feb 22nd:

  • The workshop will be released one part at a time during December so that you can watch a piece at a time
  • It will remain live and FREE to view until the Competition deadline so that you can refer back to it and download the Notes at any time
  • After Part 4 is released, enrolment for Foundations Revealed will open.
  • Enrolment for Foundations Revealed will remain open for the first time in five years so that you can get the help you need at any time up to the deadline.

Are you ready to learn how?


About the FR Competition


Since 2010 the Foundations Revealed Costume Competition has given makers around the world a unique opportunity to make their most cherished sewing dreams come true.


Five skill categories give everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals the opportunity to take part among a group of peers who are at their own level.


In 2023  we're further leveling the playing field with a completely new judging and voting process that aims to minimise implicit bias and help everyone feel welcome.


And now we're adding this brand new Competition workshop to help everyone get organised like a pro, stand out in their category, and maybe even win a prize!



Alice's Apron

by Ame Blue

Category: Beginner


My biggest challenge was my health... I can only work in small bouts on good days.

My health was the reason why I was nervous about entering the Competition, so being able to overcome that enough to meet the deadline was thrilling."


The Lady of Shalott

by Ali Crockett Moore

Category: Intermediate

My previous sewing experience has been utilitarian, mostly straight seams, all on the machine, and motivated by getting something made as fast as possible.

This was a very different experience, having months to churn ideas and sew things by hand, giving more thought to the meaning behind the project, and having a reason to do so with virtual Stitchlings by my side.

I would encourage anyone to enter who could use a little community based inspiration and motivation!"



by Paul Bundy

Category: Intermediate

I will absolutely enter again, and encourage anyone on the fence that yes, this is actually fun, even when you're cursing out a malfunctioning treadle machine at seven in the evening on a Tuesday night."


Regency Meets Wax Prints

by Anasazi Brewton

Category: Apprentice

I would definitely recommend this challenge! You don't know what you can do until you try, and you won't get better at the things you don't do well if you don't try either!


The community surrounding the challenge was so encouraging and helpful, and all my feed is filled with beautiful inspiring crafters now!

I [used to love] it so much, but then life got in the way and I stopped sewing altogether. I was so happy to find this challenge and I feel like it got me back in the rhythm of sewing again!"


Ole Lukøje, The Horseman

by Phanuel Levinsen

Category: Experienced

If the theme of the year seems charming to you: do it. If you feel like you can make something for yourself that you'll be happy to wear even afterwards: do it. If you feel like you can learn something about yourself in the process? Do it! it's a lot of fun and i didn't realise how much i had needed a Hussar inspired uniform in my life till i made it."


Winter's night

by Minjee Kaskow

Category: Advanced

[Entering the Competition] was a lot of fun! I would definitely encourage people to enter. I found that having this deadline and something to look forward to while sewing really helped fill the void that the lack of conventions [during the pandemic] had left!"



The entry form is now released, so makers across the world are working on entries right now! The deadline is 22nd Feb 2023 and the voting and judging will take place in April/May. Find out all the details by downloading the Entrants' Pack here

The Theme for 2023 is The Natural World. Nature has been a source of inspiration for designers and creators for millennia. You could choose to recreate a special location, the changing seasons, a natural phenomenon, or the texture and colour of your favourite flower. Escape into nature and be uplifted by twisted branches, crashing waves, dew-covered spider’s webs, and falling autumn leaves. This is your chance to showcase how nature inspires you.

Find out all the details by downloading our comprehensive Entrants' Pack here 

Both the Workshop and the Competition itself are welcoming to all skill levels. You will enter in one of five categories from Beginner to Artisan, and so the Workshop will also be geared towards the needs of makers of all skill levels. More details in the Entrants' Pack.

We took a year out and worked with a diverse panel of makers from across the costuming community, facilitated by a Diversity and Inclusion professional, to completely redesign the voting and judging process. In brief, entries will now be judged by a diverse panel, who will select a shortlist to go forward for the public vote. Their score will be combined 50/50 with the public vote to decide the winners. The full details are available in our comprehensive Entrants' Pack. Meet the Judges on our Competition page.

Ace your 2023 entry with the brand new Competition Workshop


Are you ready to learn how?